Session 1

Monkeys and Frogs and Trolls, Oh My!


(Bit of Background here because I [Gwen] was added late to the campaign and this isn’t technically the first session, just the the first one I was involved in and am posting up here.)

We begin in the city of Gruplum. Its a swamp village of tree houses, used to protect the inhabitants from the dangers of the swamp floor and waters Its inhabited by Grippli and Vanara. It seems to be a very peaceful little town with a temple a priest devoted to many religions and where compasses are highly prized objects.

Gwen, an aasimar cleric of Gorum, arrived at the town after getting lost in the thick jungle trying to travel from his home town of Priston to the temple city of Darton. He was invited to preach in the city before heading back out and decided to accept the offer. After meeting with Lady Pagwam, he was lead to the priest house to prepare.

Jericho, a sylph rogue, left his city by small “borrowed” boat for Iron Bay to fence some goods and became lost at sea do to his lack of skill in regards to sea navigation. He found himself in the swamp surrounding Gruplum on a sinking boat surrounded by none to friendly barracudas.

Relayna the undine wave oracle, Tena the sylph investigator, Jeanette the vishkanya ninja, and Katla the changeling bard sailed from the Kalua Keys on they’re way to Darton. Katla was found by the other’s unconscious and very ill after eating some bananas and taken with them on their voyage. They too found themselves traveling off course.

(Okay now into the actual campaign stuff that we played.)

Jericho found himself slowly sinking into the swamp waters as barracuda nipped and knocked at his small damaged boat. A small humanoid frog name Kudtle came to his rescue and ferried him safely to the village of Gruplum. There the was led to meet Lady Pagwam, the very large leader of the village. Assuming he was a trading a “human person” she sent him to Gwen in the priest house with Kudtle in two.

Jericho and Gwen spoke of their adventures and plans of travel, before Jericho was sent to fetch a compass by Gwen who was preparing for his preaching. After a single compass was bought and learning the importance of them to the people here, he returned to Gwen just in time for the preaching to begin. Gwen’s epic battle poetry and sword work was loved by the people of the village. The majority of the village gathered to watch the spectacle.

Relayna sailed the ship a long the coast, the passages aboard slightly confused by the swamp land instead for the bustling city they thought they were sailing towards. Tena caught sight of the village suspended in the trees and many people excited moving in the towards the center. Through the swamp they sailed before arriving at a small docking area. A grippli helped the dock quickly as he excitedly spoke of the preaching that had begun.

They arrived to the center of the village to see the end of Gwen’s preaching, though they were confused as to the nature. Afterward they head to the priest house questioning whether it was some kind of weird cult. Upon meeting with Gwen and Jericho and discussing their adventures and plans of travel, Jericho and Relayna went to attempt to purchase and larger boat, and Tena took Gwen to check on Katla who had been suffering for the ill effects of the banana for nearing a week.

Jericho and Relayna end up at the docks in search of t large vessel with Kudtle as their guide and adviser. They ended up purchasing a fishing boat meant for small creatures, no large than a row boat, to tow behind Relayna’s larger vessel.

After arrive aboard Relayna’s ship with Tena and examining Katla, Gwen determined that she wasn’t poisoned. She was merely having a bad reaction to possibly bad bananas and that only time would help. Katla was very confused as to where she was and who these people were and opted to stay aboard the ship for a while. As he finished up, Tena heard some more bustle in the town, this time not nearly as happy. They met with Jericho and Relayna at the docks and headed into town.

Three very distraught and injured Vanara were weeping in the center of the village. Kudtle translated that a large creature had eaten there child and another larger Vanara. Due to his battle lust, Gwen annouced that he would kill the creature and sent for his armour. Jericho and Jeanette agreed to also fight whatever beast it was and fetched Katla who also decided to join them.

Gwen lead the others down the trail left behind by the fleeing Vanaras to a pillar of smoke curling upward. Suddenly the fire was extinguished and loud pounding step came rushing towards them. A large hulking creature covered in most and weeds barreled out of the swamp towards them. Jericho and Jeanette identified it as a very beefy swamp troll, and that it had regeneration and and weakness to fire and acid. A tough battle ensued, leaving Jericho nearly dead and Jeanette badly wounded.

Jeanette removed the troll’s head with the intention of bring back to the village (though it was ultimately forgotten.) Gwen searched the camp and found, much to Jeanette and Katla’s disgust, nothing more that a pot of half finished Vanara stew and the troll’s necklace of amputated dick battle trophies. After burying the necklace and tipping the pot, the group left the camp. Gwen carried the injured Jeanette, who took this opportunity to express large amounts of interest in him and Katla carried the unconscious Jericho.

As they were making their way back the village similar sounding stomping came quickly from behind them. As they turned and brandished their weapons the troll they had defeated and regrown a large portion of its head and was readying to attack. Another tough battle ensued leaving Katla unconscious. Gwen summoned a fire elemental to burn the corpse before hurrying back to the camp to burn the head that was left behind.

They continued they way back to the village, Gwen carrying Jericho and Katla before hearing those pounding steps for a third time. Once and the wheeled around drawing their weapons to see a much smaller but just as angry troll headed they’re way. A third battled ensues leaving Gwen badly injured. Once again he summoned a fire elemental to burn the corpse before the left to finally arrive back at the village.

They are received with a hero’s welcome for defeating two trolls instead of just the single on they believed to be there. Lady Pagwam healed some of their wounds, waking up Katla and Jericho. They were served a large feast and presented with rewards for their troubles [listed at the bottom]. They were left with people to continue to tend their wounds through the night.

The next morning after a second feast was presented to them, the group prepared to set sail to Darton. The village and kindly stalked they’re ship full of sea rations. For the travels and group, Gwen purchased and set of dominoes and large quantities of wine and pickled garlic. As the set sail, Katla noticed a child had stowed away and the smaller towed boat. They turned around and dropped him back off at Gruplum, leaving him with words of encouragement to become strong and maybe coming back to get him when he was older.

The day of sailing went smoothly and night fell over the sea. Jeanette took first watch, during which the boat was being thumped and scratched from underneath. After dipping the magically illuminated anchor in the water, it was discovered by Katla that it was a poisonous giant blowfish. As they were discussing how to handle it, one of the spickes punctured thought the bottom of the large ship, causing a small hole to let in water. They distracted it by through some food out and the rest of the night went off without a hitch.

Treasure gained:
Master work daggers all around
Bird coin feather token (messenger bird) (m)
Fancy codpiece (Belt of giant’s strength) (m)
Hat of disguise (m)
Shackles of compliance (m)



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